Name: Malvado (Discontinued)
Age: 21
Location: Zierikzee, Netherlands
Fav. weapon: super shotgun
Fav. map: judas23_.wad & zdctfmp

- Winner of the Euro Int. Tourney August 2004
- Semi-finalist of the Euro Open Tourney Jan. 2005
- Winner of the Euro 3 v 3 CTF Tourney #1
- Runner-up for the Euro 3 v 3 CTF Tourney #2
- Winner of the 1st CTF Kapp (demo)
- Winner of the 5th 1on1 Kapp
- Fourth in and runner-up for Pro Tourney August 2005

Malvado's screenshots and stuff...

C T F   G O D

(He may have the highest ranking, but he knows who are his masters... :D:P)