[dp] versus Bro

5 versus 5 CTF.
Five maps: 04, 07, 08, 11 and 19.

Played on a customized Oblacek server.

Forum topic. Soulstrike, then leader of Bro Europe had been asking us for a war for a few weeks but it hadn't come to it until now due to servers and laziness.

When the match was finally planned, at 4:30 UK time, the only person not there was Soulstrike himself -_-. An American Bro player, PhoEniX, took his spot until Soulstrike arrived during the second game. Unlike Bro, [dp] had 9 (nine)(!) members present and ready to kick ass even before the arranged time (as screenshots show).
BIG THANKS to all these members for being there!
Note that Hawk could not play because his brother Soulstrike was needed in Bro. However, Hawk wasn't totally absent as in the last game (map 19) he scored the winning flag for Bro, playing the last few minutes in name of Soulstrike. Winning flag for Bro, but still [dp]wnage! :D


[dp] 4 - 1 Bro
(5 - 1)
(1 - 0)
(3 - 0)
(4 - 0)
(0 - 1)*

*) The screenie shows 1-1, but our flag was scored after one Bro member disconnected.

Good games :)

There is a demo available, and
here are the screenshots.