[dp] versus BK

One team of 5 players per clan.
Five maps of CTF in zdctfmp/2: map

Played on an Oblacek adjustable server.
CTF default settings.

A war issued by BK. Unfortunately, Mephisto had to leave after the first map was played, leaving us with significantly smaller chances of winning - as turned out.
A revenge has been issued and accepted - we will be playing probably february 2006.

Good games :)


[dp] 6 - 9 BK
(3 - 0)
(1 - 2)1
(1 - 2)2
(1 - 3)
(0 - 2)

1) Played the map twice, server crashed halfway. No screenie available
2) Mephisto left halfway, leaving three of us not playing at the moment (leaving/talking). One flag scored at this point, which the screenie does show, was disqualified.

There is a demo available, and
here are the screenshots.