Starting November 2007, Thadeuss organized a CTF tourney which he called the Vendetta CTF Tournament. The games were played on zdctfmp map01, map04 and map18 (very short maps so it would hopefully be played for once), and were 3v3 or 4v4. [dp], together with DoP and THE were invited to join UBR for this tourney. In the end however, DoP did not play.


UBR vs. THE: 3v3
(Thadeuss, Hosp, Garyzz, Yoss and Cartman vs. JemArbuzy, Suigintou and Dragula)
map01: 2 - 5
map04: 5 - 3
map05: 1 - 5

[dp] vs. UBR: 4v4
(Punaxe, Tuomio, Evolution and JackInTBox vs. Thadeuss, Top_Cat, Hosp and Yoss)
map01: 5 - 1
map04: 2 - 4
map05: 5 - 1

[dp] vs. THE: 4v4
(Atomi, Tuomio, JackInTBox and Punaxe vs. Dragula, Patric, JemArbuzy, Judge and Suigintou)
map01: 2 - 0
map04: 0 - 1
map05: 5 - 0