The Mjollnir Kapp is Clan [dp]'s internal tournament, where all members battle each other to live up to their rankings. The winner of the tournament gets the Hammer of Thor, see below. Snok die tamp wederom.

Kapp 1: TDM(N)

The first [dp] TDM Kapp was an idea of Nazzaaaa's, and is pretty much as you'd expect apart from team selection. Teams are not randomly drawn, but chosen by the members themselves based on friendship. On top of that, each team will have a name (at some point), also chosen by themselves.
The game will be 2v2, played on map10 of UDM3.wad which has been selected by means of votes on the forum.
Winner of Poule A plays number 2 of Poule B, and the other way around. Winners of both semi-finals will play the final. All matches are best of 3 matches, except for the final which is best of 5. One single game goes to 60. Switch teamcolour after each game. The colour of the 3rd game (if it has to get played) is chosen by the team that has the least frags so far. In the end it's about games won, not frags.

Poules, and the teams' wins and losses are:

Poule A
- Sexy Ladies : Nazgúl, Evolution
- Teh Ta\m/psnokkers : Mephisto, Ragnarok
- The Northravers : Nidhögg, Shiva
- RoseX : Rosebird, WeaponX

Poule B
- Doomed as Parents : JackInTBox, Punaxe
- No Mercy : Dragula, ZAHAR
- Les Amis : Elmort, Aurelian




Teh Ta\m/psnokkers

2 - 0
3 - 0

No Mercy
Doomed as Parents


Teh Ta\m/psnokkers

? - ?


Before the final could have been played, WeaponX and Rosebird left [dp]. Based on previous results, we award Teh Ta\m/psnokkers with the Mjollnir!