Ragnarok, age 23
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Fav. weapon: super shotgun
Fav. map: ikbrowny
Fav. CTF map: zdctfmp map03, map08

- Semi-finalist of the 1st 1on1 Kapp
- Fourth in the 1st FFA Kapp
- Winner of the 1st CTF Kapp (demo)
- Fourth in the 5th 1on1 Kapp
- Winner of the Int. Tourney July 2005 (demo)
- Third in Open Tourney August 2005
- Runner-up for Newschool Tourney August 2005
- Runner-up for the 1st Bowling Kapp
- Runner-up for the 1st Dart Kapp
- Runner-up for the 6th 1on1 Kapp (demo)
- Third in 3v3 CTF Tournament #4, with [dp]-Blue
- ZDaemon European Tournament Adminstrator February 2007 - December 2008
- Winner of the First TDM Kapp, with Mephisto

Ragnarok on his best!;
Ragnarok's victory over BAZOOKA on ikbrowny;

The destiny of gods
Gods and demons
The big ending battle
Fight and evilness last in three years
Skoll swallows the sun
Hate swallows the moon
Blood squirts all over the sky
An extreme cold
Fimbulwinter in three years
Loke and Fenris tear lose
Midgardsormen search towards land
It was Naglefar to land
Heimdal blows his horn the battle has began
Holy and demonic powers
Are in battle
Surt sling fire over earth
A new world shows up
It is the age of Ragnarok
A age in darkness
Hordes from the dark side
Gather to the battle of the end of earth.

                 - Ragnarok (The Destiny Of Gods), Ragnarok                                                          Nattferd 1995