[dp] Third Anniversary

Three years of [dp] ownage had passed and this was celebrated in another [dp] memorable reunion on Saturday the 24th of Februari by Punaxe, Ragnarok, Nidhögg, Elmort, Jemek and Timothy.

We went to a Greek restaurant named Mr. Jacks

(From left to right: Jemek, Nidhögg, Timothy, Punaxe, Ragnarok, Elmort)

The meals were BIG.

Then we went to the movie Red Road

The night ended at the Keizer Karel Plein for a milkshake at our favorite snackbar de Smulturk, BIKKEL!

... this was Timothy's story that we had to pull out of him really hard. The crappy pics (too lazy to bring a camera) suit the crappy story (too lazy to write). We did happen to get our hands on a piece of authentic first-hand writings Timothy put in his mobile phone that evening so later on he would remember exactly what to write.

Translated: (original relic is in Dutch)
Colouring costs a lot of time,
rampage killing spree,
Chris and knife water,
party [dp],
Dries not hard,
Elmar has,
Chris not anymore,
candle move,
it has icon,
what sounds cool

Still, a great moment \:D/