[dp] Wooden Stage Pwnage

At first this wasnt meant to be such a special moment, until we ended up doing Holland's number 1 dance; HAKKUH!!! During the summer, Nijmegen always organizes the 4-days-march - some walking event. This event is always accompanied by a week of partying, with music for everybody!

On the evening of the first walking-day m-m-m-assive fireworks (biggest in NL \o/) decorate the sky above the river Waal. And because this always pwns, some of us decided to meet up there; Jemek, Timothy, Nidhögg, Ragnarok, Punaxe & T-bonezzz. After half an hour of gay music >_< and great fireworks, we started walking around to see what was happening at all the podia. Jemek went home, because he had to get up early for his trip to Italy the next day (apparently without any luck, seen his profile):P.

The rest of us went to see "the Labyrinth", and that is where the actual moment started! DJ Equinoxx was behind the tables and he spreaded hardcore all over the wharf. And there we were, among all kinds of gabbers and ravers, MARCHING like there would be no tomorrow :P. All people were dancing on some wooden platform, and even when there was no music you could hear the pounding herd (video - note that there is no beat playing during the whole clip, all you hear is the stage). Even Punaxe was moving his feet -> le w00t!!

Finally the show ended, and we left for our bikes/ cafes. On our way we met Nazgûl, who was with other people (WTF Nepvriend!) and at the Ferris wheel, we bumped into the "A2-gang", our rivals from highschool (we lost some lazerquest game to them). That night they were lucky that we were too exhausted to kick their asses >:(.

Anyway great night, with great marching!

For extra reference material on HAKKUH, see here one of the first Dutch gabber music videos. :DP

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