It all started during a productive science class, with the letter P: we had a bright moment and discovered that everything cool starts with the letter P: Pomelo (Fanta), pizza, Pringles, pool and of course, Punaxe. But the problem was that DOOM didn't start with a P. Same goes for Dimmu Borgir, Dries (Ragnarok) and darts.
After some more thinking our theory was completed: everything cool starts with either a D or a P.
So it was an easy decision to name our clan PD or DP. As DP sounded better in combination with the names Ragnarok and Punaxe, we got rid of PD and went for DP.

So there we had our tag. But what did it mean? Hmm... A lot!

Drinking Pomelo
Dooming Paganists
Doom Progenies
Doomers' Philosophy
Deliver Pizza!
Death Penalty
Dutch Professionals
Da Pope
Digital Punk
Deathmatch Players
Donkey Punchers
Dominating Photoplay
Devastating People
Digesting Peanutbutter
Dart Professionals
Doctor Pepper
Doom Pimps
Duck Power
Des Petits
Det Pcetera...