by [dp] Punaxe

My first deathmatch map, intended for 1on1 - with a twist. My maps have always been thought up of with a new idea behind them, and the new thing the players will have to deal with here, is: darkness. The light throughout the, by the way quite small map has been dimmed intentionally so you won't be able to see each other unless you're really close, or when one of you is firing. In the middle, however, there is a small plateau where the light has not been dimmed as such. This is where all the bonus items are: ammo, health potions, helmets, and most importantly: the blue armor. The blue armor however, is located on a pole that takes quite a while to come all the way down. This means that to obtain the armor, one must reside within the visible area for quite a while and risk being shot, or risk that when the armor is down, the opponent reaches it faster.
On top of this, there are two invisibility spheres in the enlightened area to make it harder for both players, or give the faster one a head's start.