by [dp] Punaxe

This map is built around the sphere room of doom2.wad's map16. I often played this map in the csDoom days, and found that most people just couldn't think of anything better than camping there - which is of course a winning strategy, but not much fun for the other players. I've been looking around and saw no other map16 edit, and decided to make one myself - for a more challenging strategy.
The idea of camping in the sphere room remains, but this is made harder for the camper by means of more routes leading into the room. In return, the camper gets almost immediate access to the megasphere when it respawns, has lots of players respawn right inside the room and can reach a wide area without losing a quick way back into the room.
If noone decides, to camp, it is still a race to the sphere, where players can come from many directions.
And, after testing, it turned out that the map serves a good deathmatch game even without the sphere.

I hope you'll agree.