The Mjollnir Kapp is Clan [dp]'s internal tournament, where all members battle each other to live up to their rankings. The winner of the tournament gets the Hammer of Thor, see below. Snok die tamp wederom.

Kapp 1

The first [dp] CTF Kapp divides our 16 members up in 4 teams: 3 active players and 1 stand-by player as a reserve in each (Nazgűl was standby at the time the teams were made). In the first round, two teams will battle each other on 3 maps. The team that scored the most flags in those 3 games, wins. In case of a tie, a sudden death is played. This first round spits out two winning teams that will then play each other, same rules, for the CTF Hammer of Thor.

3v3, zdctfmp.wad, zdctfmp2.wad, [zvox2.wad] map03, 08 and 11, mouselook on, jumping on, items respawn, timelimit 15, teamscorelimit 5.

Team A
- Shiva
- Punaxe
- Elmort
- Jemek

Team B
- Mephisto
- Nidhögg
- JackInTBox
- Timothy

Team C
- Eclipse
- Malvado
- Ragnarok
- Nazgűl

Team D
- Soulstrike
- AP3X
- Finney
- Isidor

Team A -

- Team B

Team C -

- Team D

Winner -- Winner

First round
- Jemek played for Shiva, who couldn't make it
- izm replaced Soulstrike, who was kicked
- Isidor left [dp], so did not participate
- Eclipse and AP3X (where is that guy?!) couldn't make it, so D vs. C was a 2v2

Team A : 3 - 13 : Team B
Team C : 15 - 2 : Team D

Team B 7 - 9 Team C
(2 - 3)
(3 - 5)
(2 - 1)

Winners of this tournament:

[dp] Eclipse, [dp] Malvado, [dp] Ragnarok

Congratulations to them for winning the first CTF Mjollnir (Kapp)!