The Mjollnir Kapp is Clan [dp]'s internal tournament, where all members battle each other to live up to their rankings. The winner of the tournament gets the Hammer of Thor, see below. Snok die tamp wederom.

Kapp 1

Kapp 2

On the 4th of February 2006 [dp] celebrated its 2nd birthday. All Dutch members gathered at Timothy's place, and settled for watching the DOOM movie after having used up all tissues watching our ZDaemon game demos. This owned so hard we were getting late, so we snatched a quick meal at MacDonald's and hurried to Ol-round, the bikkel bowling center, where we played the first [dp] Bowling Kapp.

Pictures of our 2nd anniversary can be found here.

Here's the results. Clickable images.

Nidhögg 139
Ragnarok 133
Timothy 124
Shiva 111
Elmort 106
Jemek 90
Punaxe 82
Nazgûl 81

Congratulations to Nidhögg for winning the first ever Bowling Kapp! :D